Strategic Coaching for Female Online Entrepreneurs

What can an EFT & Harmony Coach can help you with?
Change Your Brain
Change disempowering beliefs into empowering ones
Discover Your Purpose
Dig deep to find your core values and your passions
Set Goals
Set different types of goals to achieve your Greatest Life Vision
Find The Time

Rearrange your time effectively to have more of it every day

Be Strategic

Learn and apply the strategies to do more for your biz in less time

Enjoy Life
Spend more time doing what you love and with who you love

Liz Pimenta - EFT and Harmony Coach

I am a certified Life Coach and EFT Practitioner specializing in helping female online entrepreneurs, like you, to overcome limiting beliefs, overwhelm, lack of time and money. These are just some of the things that we focus on clearing first so you can finally achieve your goals and dreams. Once you are aligned with your goals, we can then focus on creating time and focusing on making those goals a reality.

Your Coach

    Strategic Coaching

    Love. Faith. Freedom.

    These are the things I stand for. Are your values align with your life? If you feel like something's wrong, you probably feel unhappy and frustrated. I will work with you to identify what your values actually are and, therefore determine your priorities so you can finally feel happy and fulfilled.