Why I Became An EFT & Harmony Coach 

My life has been a series of interesting events that has led me here.

Before becoming a Coach, I was in interior design, sales, administration, teaching, and MLM. I had a lot of experience, some great and some not so great, but I wasn't always aligned with what I was doing.

I felt empty...I lost myself. I was listening to what others were telling me to do rather than following my heart and doing what I knew was right so I could be ME.

I just wanted to be happy!

But I wasn't.

I was unhappy and unfulfilled.

I suffered from burnout in 2010 and that's when I decided I needed to change my life.

I took bold action and moved to Europe, leaving my whole life behind me. It was a decision I will never regret because my life has been full of so much adventure and awe since...

Including travelling throughout Europe, meeting family, getting married, having a son and living in two European countries along with visiting so many.

Finally, in May 2018, I decided to take a Life Coach Certification Course and it was just what I needed!

Life Coach Training

The Life Coach Certification course I did to become a coach was very useful and taught me so much. Not only did it teach me the skills to be a successful life coach, but it also taught me more about myself.

I went through each lesson as if I was a client and experienced the shifts. Each step along the way gave me a burning desire to change my circumstances and do what I knew I was meant to do...help others.

I found my life's calling!

I love coaching!

I have recently become a certified EFT, EFT Energy and TFT practitioner, which I am so proud of! I am signed up to become an NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner and I also have other courses for mindset and more to be able to further help my clients achieve success.

So many online entrepreneurs doing any kind of business online - MLM, crafting, online store, coaching, etc - are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

That's where I come in! 

My niche is to help you get out of overwhelm and create the life of your dreams, without the sacrifice. It IS possible to have it all!

I genuinely understand when clients tell me they feel overwhelmed. Been there, done that to the point of burnout! And I don't want that for anyone.

I am so blessed to now have a plan, to have strategies that work in place and that I continue to learn and grow to improve myself and to be able to offer more to my clients.

I'm going to help you create a life of emotional and financial freedom
because you deserve it and you deserve it NOW!

Mindset & Business Coaching works by helping you discover what is truly important to you, getting rid of the blocks that are holding you back from moving forward, and putting strategies in place for yourself and your online business.

We will get to the core of who you are and free those parts of you so you can truly be you.

Coaching is serious, but it's important to have fun and enjoy the process. I'm all about smiling and making the best of every situation. If you don't like smiling and enjoying the process, I'm not the coach for you!

Now that you know a little about me, click the button below to book your FREE consultation.